Goose Summer is a woman-owned, sustainable plant dye business operating and making all naturally dyed garments and accessories in Los Angeles. 




Goose Summer is the origin of the word gossamer, a thinly spun thread like that of spiders. Delicate, fine, and filmy, consisting of cobwebs; gossamer is found most often during autumn, which is also the time of geese season.

The story of gossamer began, for me, in the foothills of North Carolina, when I first began to spin webs of cloth. It was the first time I related to the archetype of the spider, and in that process I spun many entangling webs of love.

Only after falling in love with this phrase goose summer, did I look into the archetype of the goose. The goose represents loyalty and devotion— we often use the trope, mother goose, to symbolize a strong protector; a loving mother. In folklore and dream symbology the goose also represents luck, abundance and prosperity, as well as wisdom, especially from elders.

For me, the goose represents a generous offering. An offering that reminds someone to offer something in return. I make these soft silk, hand-held pieces to pass from my palm to yours. In a way, growing the web between me to you; spinning until we are all entangled and enmeshed.


I try to source most of my plant dyes from around Los Angeles, but all the dyes I use are organic and sustainably harvested. I use indigo, madder root, cosmos, eucalyptus, chamomile, avocado pits, saffron and any other dyes that I find along the way. I love that all the dyes come from the ground, and when I am done it can go right back into the earth.