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Goose Summer

Pair of Silk Bows

Pair of Silk Bows

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These silk plant-dyed bow sets are the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one! Each bow is hand dyed with plants and hand made in LA and attached to a metal hair clip. You can easily undo the bow from the clip in case you wanted to tie your bows around braids, a ponytail, or around your neck! Each set comes with two plant dyed silk bows in the same size and color. If you want to mix-and-match colors email

Available in multiple colors: Matcha-Green, Tie Dye Sky-Blue, Rose-Red, Peach-Pink, Raspberry, Mint-Green, and Yellow Wildflower.

Mini: 2 in x 5 in

Small: 2 in x 10 in 

Medium: 2 in x 21 in

Large: 2 in x 42 in

Care Instructions

Due to the nature of plant dyes we recommend washing in cold water with like colors. Dyes may fade over time.

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