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Goose Summer

The Everyday Wrap

The Everyday Wrap

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The inspiration for our Everyday Wrap comes from the Japanese 'Furoshiki" cloth, which traditionally is used to wrap gifts. We were inspired by this chic and elevated zero-waste practice. Our Everyday Wrap is meant to both adorn and wrap our bodies as well as wrap gift and other belongings. The lightweight 100% dead stock silk is a uniquely one-of-a-kind plant dyed piece designed to be versatile. It can be condensed and wrapped around your neck multiple times or draped as a shawl. You can also style it as a bathing suit wrap or tie it in a knot to carry your precious items around your shoulder. We also offer our Everyday Wrap as an optional gift wrapping option at check out for a gift! 

One Size: 42" x 42" 

Care Instructions

Due to the nature of plant dyes we recommend washing in cold water with like colors. Dyes may fade over time.

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